Gary Gaston, NCDC-Colloquial

Gary Gaston’s colloquial on the initiatives of the Nashville Civic Design Center was insightful. As a non-profit organization, I was impressed by the magnitude of projects that the NCDC is implementing in the Nashville metro area. At the core of their projects is the promotion for a healthy environment–a cornerstone for contemporary urban design. However, what was most impressive about Gaston’s overview of the NCDC is their ability to collaborate at various scales. From collaborators such as NashVitality, Vanderbilt University/University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design, and small-scale groups like TURBO (Tactical Urbanism Organizers), NCDC has established themselves as key figures in the progressive future of Nashville.

Specifically, I was very interested to hear about the conceptual development of a more efficient transportation system in Nashville. Having lived in Nashville, the rapid growth is exceeding the ability to maintain the high influx of cars. So to hear about NCDC incubating design competitions to rethink transportation was very encouraging. Moreover, NCDC is rethinking ways that the city engages the water. As the Cumberland River has become cleaner, events like kayaking on the river gives it prominence as another area to be activated in Nashville. Furthermore, “Plan of Nashville” as a neighborhood based initiative contributes to a grassroots collaboration that puts forth the interests of locals.

Hopefully NCDC will continue to operate with their “Ten Principles” as the core of future initiatives.

[CEU credit]


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