Shawn Balon, ASLA

Prior to Shawn Balon’s lecture, I can honestly admit that I did not have the most accurate perception of what ASLA did. Luckily, his brief time with the Professional Practice class gave clarity to the multimodality of ASLA. One thing that struck me about Shawn’s pedigree was its diversity. His experience from a large firm –> graduate school –> China –> small firm(s) –> ASLA reflects the many facets that a landscape architect can explore. Moreover, it alleviates the fear that an initial path is set in stone.

With regards to ASLA as an organization, I am impressed by how powerful their internal groups and programs are. Specifically, their emphasis on advocacy. It is reassuring knowing that ASLA is keeping a hand in the legislation that governs landscape architecture as an ever-evolving practice. Upon Shawn’s suggestion, I explored the breadth of online webinars that are available, impressed by the accessibility of live/recorded and online learning presentations catalogued online.

Lastly, his insight on emerging technologies was the most reassuring thing I took from the lecture. Not that it was particularly related to ASLA, but being told that learning a technology in private practice is not necessarily a handicap as an entry-level designer. Rarely do we get a deep-dive into someone’s pedigree, so I’m glad that Shawn was so diligent in laying his out for us.



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