REALM Reflect

In the reflection of how REALM got to be where they are today is a particularly inspiring story. As landscape architects with prior careers at respectable firms, taking a leap of faith by starting a boutique firm shows that it is never too late to drastically change the focus of landscape architecture. What I found to be evident in their motivation to start REALM was how they saw an untapped market in the midwest. SInce most of the notable landscape architecture firms in the Columbus/Ohio/Midwest region are rather large firms, they saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of a boutique firm to the area. They justified how REALM is different because they think at the small-scale, which gives them an edge since they can  provide undivided, intimate care for projects. Additionally, I think they will be a successful firm since they are forward-thinking in terms of emerging technologies and practices. As they pointed out, there is not much exceptional landscape architecture happening in Ohio, so utilizing the ever-evolving design strategies in landscape architecture will probably benefit them amongst the peers they may perceive to be as stagnant. Moreover, I think their success comes from their ability to stay relevant, be proactive in engaging projects, and building a network.


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