Brad Collett – Church Lecture

A realm of academia that is seldom discussed is the history of a professor. Moreover, how and why a professor got to be where they are today seems to evade the discourse between faculty and student. One thing that I related to in the lecture was Collett’s initial interest in the built environment as an experience of positive engagement.  Moreover, Collett’s lecture reached out past the classic sense of design by engaging the unseen facets of a landscape architect. This was explicitly demonstrated in the courses and projects that Collett has been involved in at the University of Tennessee. Whether it’s engaging  various communities and agencies along the Tennessee River in his River Studio or engaging other professionals in the practice of landscape architecture in his Professional Practice class, one thing that remains at the core of Collett’s pedagogy is an iawarenss for improving environmental quality and how various outlets can achieve that goal. Collett’s involvement with publications, such as “Hydro Lit”, echoes his passion for increasing environmental quality – in this case by means of an East Tennessee water study – and how this extension of research can be developed into a real-world application. Collet’s consideration of the macro and micro of landscape architecture enriches the field and strengthens the quality of curriculum and students at UT.


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