PWP Reflect

Talking with PWP was initially intimidating. As designers of the 9/11 Memorial, my perception of how the conservation was going to go consisted of a recap of their high reputation and notable projects. However, their insight into practice and professionalism provided a sense of intimacy through the direct dialogue from Monica and Eustacia to our class.

Although they succinctly detail the process and complexity of their project, Barangaroo, what stuck out to me during the conversation was their opinions on practice. Particularly, why they pursue the projects they do. While harkening back to Garza’s attention to community engagement, PWP reflects those imperatives of project pursuits by seeking to achieve sustainability while also creating powerful places. This notion of the performative and aesthetic poetry of site in concert with each other appeals to my sensibilities. As design begins to operate more in the postmodern world, I think this agenda at the core of PWP will continue to garner them more projects and recognition as innovators in the field.

Secondly, an unexpected direction of the conversation discussed the process of application for interns/future employees. A firm as notable as PWP, I was surprised to be given blatant information about the dos and donts of applying. As a first year, their advice about creating a narrative in your portfolio as well as selling your story in an interview informed me about a realm of practice in design that I did not know about. Moreover, as cliche as it may sound, hearing them directly tell us to be inspiring in the display of our work and personal story shed some previous anxiety I had about the formalities of which to present myself in the design world.


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