Sasaki Chat

Learning about Sasaki’s history and office culture from Laura Marett provided an introduction to the dynamics of a larger, multi-departmental office. What tethers the divisions in the office, such as the research and project sides, is the collaborative  framework laid by Hideo Sasaki when starting the firm over 60 years ago. As Sasaki quoted, “we do nothing alone”, I found to be particularly resonating in my attraction to the field. By allowing intentional collaboration across divisions, a sense of medium specificity is avoided within the firm. Moreover, while Marett was drawn to a particular project by Sasaki when deciding to work there, she also stated a similarity in the collaborative nature of the firm to that of the culture during her graduate schooling at the GSD.

Considering Sasaki’s big focus on campus development, it ties into the collaborative ethos of the firm. Working with academic institutions echoes and structuralizes the firm’s desire for socially permeable landscapes. Not just in a project development form, but that collaborative ethos is seen in Marett’s own work as an adjunct at various universities while maintaining status at Sasaki. How Sasaki has created a bridge between academical and practice cultures shows that a symbiotic relationship between the two can yield great benefits in the struggle for landscape architectural relevancy.


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