Andrew Madl [faculty search]

Skepticism rose high as Andrew Madl’s visit to UTK for a position with the School of Landscape grew near. Skepticism mainly comprised of his youthful stature. As a current 3rd-year MLA at the Graduate School of Design, I was worried that his age and lack of private-side experience would be a crutch in the evaluation of his candidacy. Despite his age, the presentation of his work and skills exceeded the maturity of his age. Particularly, I was impressed by the proficiency of the many softwares that he utilizes in his daily workflow. His proficiency was demonstrated as he described how he was able to predict water flow by deploying gaming software that is used to show how blood pools. From a technological standpoint, Madl displays how landscape architecture can operate outside the traditional tools of the discipline. As UTKCoaD continues to embrace the” non-traditional” and emerging technologies, I think that his youthful vigor and adeptness to diverse applications will be beneficial to the School of Landscape Architecture. Moreover, under Gale Fulton and Brad Collett’s guidance, I think Madl would have an incredible opportunity to tune his pedagogical approach as well as continue to explore the various modes of landscape architecture data collection, interpretation, and visualization at UTK.


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