Nataly Gateggno–Fab Life [church lecture]

Nataly Gattegno is one of the few designers who has been able to converge the aesthetics of art with the performative nature of architecture. Although many of the projects that she pursues with her firm, Future Cities Lab, initially seem like art installations, the very process and impact of the their design is coated in data and real-life applications. I was particularly fascinated by FCL’s project “Lightswarm”.  How the lights change along the wall seems like a beautiful spectacle, but in fact it is responding to the movement of its surrounding environment, such as people passing by and the various levels of sound. What struck me about this project, and their other projects, was this notion of a responsive landscape. While we traditionally think of design as being stagnant and one-sided, the work that FCl is doing shows the two-way relationship that humans can have with design–and hopefully inform us about our surrounding environment. Moreover, Gattegno’s visit shows how designers do not have to adhere to the traditional definition of their field. While FCL is making marvelous architectural pieces, the processes of their work calls in the skill of different fields, such as programming and polling. Gattegno and FCL demonstrate how designers can be and do many different things outside the scope of design–and do it well.


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