Brian Osborn Workshop

Fast, foreign, responsive–a few words to describe the Arduino workshop weekend with Brian Osborn. As a first year, adapting to complex, foreign technologies is an unaided reality that daunts the 1st-year MLA on a biweekly basis. The problem with the many technologies that we use in the program facilitate theoretical data and speculative conclusions. However, Osborn’s workshop merged the gap between the virtually speculative and real-life data collection. Even though we did not capitalize on the workshop in our studio work, Osborn’s visit provided us with a new toolset that makes data collection more accessible and its application as accurate input for design.

Working with the Arduino kits, Osborn’s proficiency in its software and programming with architectural modeling software, such as Rhino, shows how landscape architects can transcend the traditional characteristics of the profession. Compared to a landscape architect who does residential work, Osborn and the residential LA share the same title, yet their skills and work could not be further apart. Although landscape architects must be weary of hyper-specialization, people–like Osborn–culture a holistic pedagogy that creates a marriage and familiarity between the traditional and the ever-evolving techno.


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